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Understanding Car Titles

All the people who purchase cars, regardless of whether they are new or used, must receive the titles for those vehicles when they obtain the ownership. It is essential to have the car title because it shows that a specific individual owns that car and is legally permitted to claim the ownership of it. A car title is basically a general document, which establishes the ownership over a piece of property. It is sometimes called as a deed.

If a person is planning to purchase a used car, he or she should be careful in order to obtain the car title from the previous owner. In case if the previous owner does not have it, you should not spend your money to purchase that car. This is applicable for used car dealerships as well as private citizens who sell their vehicles. You should also keep in mind that people who finance their vehicles will not get the titles until they pay off the full insurance amount. Until that time, the finance lending institution will hold the title for that specific car. It means that the financial institution is the legal owner of that vehicle for that period of time.

When a person agrees to purchase a used car, he needs to work with the previous owner of the vehicle in order to get the title transferred to his name. Usually, people who purchase cars from used car dealerships do not have to experience this hassle because they take care of most of the things in the process. Normally, people need to pay a visit to their local courthouse to transfer these car titles. The process needs the people to list a price of the vehicle. They will also need to pay a small fee for the transaction. When the title is transferred, you need to go to the DMV in order to register the vehicle transfer. In that moment, you will be asked to present documents such as proof of the title transfer, bill of the vehicle sale, vehicle identification number and the current odometer reading.

You can also register your car at the moment when you are working on the title transfer. The documents which require for the process of registration include proof that you have aid tax during the car purchase, proof of liability insurance and the documents which show that the car has passed safety emission inspections. You can simply renew this registration over the Internet or via mail.

Montana_Car_Title_Sample-217x300The above mentioned information can slightly change depending on the state you live and the method that are planning to take in order to transfer the title. You can get all the information by visiting the local DMV. It is recommended to visit the local DMV before you purchase a used car because it will assist you to stay away from the hassle.



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